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Picture a regularly scheduled time each week for your child to be exposed to music and challenged to use his or her own innate abilities to create it. This is the principle of Music Together®.   Developed in 1987, Music Together classes allow for children ages 3-5 to experience and create music together with their caregiver(s). Through a series of playful movement and instrument-based activities, the classes offer a research-based, developmentally appropriate music curriculum with emphasis on adult involvement.  Because the involvement of role models is central to the concept of Music Together, a parent or caregiver must accompany each child to each class.

Every week, children and caretakers sing, dance, and play instruments as a community of musicians. Students use instrumental and vocal songs to explore music and learning in a fun and playful environment. They dance together to feel how sound can affect their movement.  They play drums, maracas, rhythm sticks, sand blocks, or resonator bells as they learn about the technical aspects of music.

Props like parachutes and ribbon sticks are also used to move through space while further developing the link between sound and movement. Partaking in these activities introduce children to the pleasures of making music instead of passively receiving it from CDs or TV and prove the fact that all children are musical, given that their early environment supports its learning.

Music Together Austin Classes run for 9-10 weeks and each session lasts approximately 45 minutes.  Class sizes are for up to 10 to 12 children, plus their caregiver(s).

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Due to the nature of the curriculum,
new students cannot join past the third week of classes.

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