David Cross 1

David Cross


David Cross is an Austin-based trumpet player, brass instrument specialist, and composer/arranger. He offers lessons in Austin and surrounding areas for dedicated musicians. Cross is well-versed in classical music, jazz, marching band, and brass instruction. He is devoted to providing personalized guidance with audition preparation, while building and maintaining strong music fundamental habits. Cross prides himself on being able to help musicians overcome any issues that may be preventing them from achieving their potential.


As an experienced teacher with 32 years of service as a public-school music educator and band director. He has played with bands, jazz ensembles, drum corps, pit, and symphonic orchestras for over 38 years. Cross has a degree in music education from the University of Texas. David’s major music influences are Ray Crisara and Donald Grantham.


Cross’s musical journey continues through live performance with the Austin Jazz Band and Austin Symphonic Band. David Cross is also an Advisory Board Member with New School of Music, Austin.