Jay Tillman 1

Jay Tillman

Jay Tillman is a multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas, USA. Although his primary instrument is piano, he is proficient in organ, bass, and percussion. He is currently a student, the Minister of Music of his local church, and has been a frequent music instructor/consultant for The African American Cultural Center in Austin, Texas. He is a proud member of the Huston-Tillotson Concert Choir, under the direction of Dr. Gloria Quinlan. His energetic playing style, reflects his effervescent personality. He is fluent in gospel, pop, jazz, soul, fusion, and country- and plays them all with improvisational prowess. He has dedicated his life to music education, and believes that “the key to living a happy life is Jesus, and Gustav Mahler.” He attributes most of his musical success to his three teachers: Jay Booker, John Tatum, and Dr. Stephen Burnaman.