Roni Chavez 1

A teacher by profession, Roni worked for children with special needs for over 10 years in Asia. She founded Blue Special Center in Ho Chi Minh City and established 4 volunteer sites for an international organization helping children with special needs all over the world. She served as a board member and the newsletter editor before voted as the President-Elect of International Association of Special Education. Roni volunteered in Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malawi. She helped schools setup programs in the community for children with special needs. She spoke in international conferences with the importance of creating preventive measures of sexual harassment towards children, young adults, and adults with special needs. As the ambassador for Internations in Ho Chi Minh City, she organized monthly events to foster expat communities in the city. She aided the growth of the Ho Chi Minh community from 20 active members to over 500 participants during activities. Roni with her love of music has been using songs to teach children social and life skills. Music has played an integral role of the Blue Center Curriculum. Non-verbal students have been very receptive with music as part of teaching.