About Us

The New School of Music is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community music school in Austin, which provides a non-competitive and challenging atmosphere where people are able to study all styles of music, on the instrument of their choice, or through vocal studies.

Students of all ages – from the beginner to the advanced student – can receive quality professional instruction and interact with other musicians on their own level. For convenience, classes are offered weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays.

Mission Statement

To serve the community by sharing the gift of music, through connecting exceptional professional musicians with students, in a lifelong study and enjoyment of music – while helping provide music instruction to underserved youth in the Austin area.

Music Scholarships to Underserved Children,

The New School of Music has committed to help underserved children (preK-12 th grade) in the community by setting a scholarship goal of 50% of our total enrollment. This One for One scholarship program provides free tuition to underserved children for their music instruction in our program.

The New School funds these scholarships through paid tuition revenue proceeds and contributions. Scholarship candidates are identified by the New School and its partners, and are selected based on economic need, desire to learn, and commitment.

To donate to the NSM Underserved Children’s Scholarship Fund, go to: www.newschoolofmusic.net/donate


Texas Jazz Camp, is a partnership between the New School of Music and the Litchfield Jazz Camp in Connecticut. Litchfield has a deep and rich history of providing a top tier national jazz camp for 20 years, using top NYC based jazz artists and educators. Litchfield’s music director, Don Braden, will be one of NSM’s featured clinicians during the July 6-8th jazz camp in Austin. Go to: http://texasjazzcamp.com

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area, partners with us in offering music classes to their Club members, and values giving the gift of music to underserved children. Though BCGAA, we have been instructing guitar students at McBee elementary and Webb Middle School since summer 2015.

Cedars International Academy, shares our passion for teaching excellence, and has partnered with us by offering New School music classes and lessons as part of its afterschool program since fall 2013. Cedars Academy is an open enrollment preK-8th grade charter school in North Austin.

The Armstrong Community Music School, has partnered with us to offer early childhood music classes at our Tarrytown location. The Armstrong Community Music School, in Westlake, has a longstanding position as a center of teaching excellence for all ages in the Austin community.

The Sanctuary, has leased us teaching space at their beautiful Tarrytown facility in central Austin, and shares our passion for music excellence, and helping others within the community.

The NCF Fund, has added New School of Music to its list of sponsored charities, which includes many of the most recognized and respected nonprofits in the world. To donate to the New School of Music Fund, go to: www.newschoolofmusic.net/donate