Play Fearlessly - How to break through and play the music you love

Music Lessons in Austin

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”― Victor Hugo.

Music is everywhere.

We hear it in grocery stores and coffee shops, football games and birthday parties. We hear it at the mechanic when getting our oil changed, and we hear it at the doctor’s office while waiting for our medicine. Sometimes we wish to have taken an instrument or taken guitar lessons and learned to play music.

Music is an integral part of every day of our lives, and how we communicate across generations. It is interwoven in the fabric of our lives and our culture.

So why don’t more of us play music? So why don’t more of us play the piano or the took guitar lessons in austin or wherever your location is?

For many aspiring musicians, it starts with a simple fantasy: How it would feel to be able to make our own music? What would it be like to express – as Victor Hugo put it – the things we feel, but cannot say?

Too many aspiring musicians never transcend that fantasy. For many of us, the act of playing music can feel impossible. We tell ourselves: “This is not meant for me. I don’t have the talent.”

Often, we feel overwhelmed by our fears and anxieties, admitting defeat before we even start. It is natural to feel fear — to think that we might not be capable enough to achieve what we really want.

The truth is this: We are all meant to play music. In the oldest musical traditions, music is a ritual that brings the tribe together. Everyone sings, everyone dances, everyone has music built into their DNA.

There is a way to conquer these fears and prove to ourselves and to those around us that we are a part of this ancient human tradition. We all deserve the chance to be heard.

Here are a few things that prevent us from learning music – and the ways to overcome them.

Understand the kind of music that you like

We all like different kinds of music. First, we must find the music that speaks to us, and start there.

For the young, music is still shaped by their own experiences. Children who are learning music are still very impressionable. They can be influenced by their environment and swayed toward a direction we want them to take. In some cases, children may exhibit at a young age their natural inclinations for a certain genre of music and it is important to let them take guitar lessons in Austin or any instruments that they prefer during this period of their lives. This is usually different for adults, who often have a deeper experience and understanding of the music they prefer.

This makes the experience very meaningful for adults, providing a sense of fulfillment.

This is part of learning, and this is one common ground that children and adults share. When it comes to music, learning transcends age.

Carefully consider the instrument you want to play

There are several things to consider when choosing an instrument.

You must think of what music you want to play and the instrument that is most suited for the kind of music you like to play.

In general, the guitar is a versatile instrument and can play different genres. But you must also consider the specialization required for the genre you are most interested in.

Also consider the availability of the instrument itself. If you want to learn how to play the piano, you will most definitely need a piano. Music is experienced. It is something that must be executed and manifested for it to become meaningful.

Explore the different genres of music


          You might be a fan of classical music and enjoy the great works of the masters, but why not explore the different renditions of more contemporary artists of the same works. You might get new ideas and perhaps even enjoy the newer versions.

          There is always something new to learn from music and being exposed to the different ways people present music gives us a chance to experience music in a different light. Pop, rock, heavy metal, punk, reggae, and other music genres might have a version of the music that you like.

          Listening to these different versions of music might give you an idea of playing an instrument that you like in an entirely new musical form that is uniquely yours.

Get rid of all distractions

Consider practice hours as an experience on its own. You have to be fully immersed in the moment to be able to make the best of your time.

It is not the amount of time you spend practicing that makes the difference, but rather the quality of your practice. This is where getting rid of the distractions during your practice time will greatly help you reach your goals.

You cannot be doing two things at the same time. Get rid of the things that will distract your practice experience. You cannot be on Facebook commenting and browsing through your friends photos or replying to their messages. You can do that at a different time.

Put aside other things you might be doing: cooking, cleaning or other household chores. Schedule them away from your practice time. Get rid of mental distractions as well. Think of nothing but the practice time that you need to spend on improving your skill.

Set a realistic goal and give yourself time to progress. “Rome was not built in a day.” You cannot be a master of a new skill overnight. Learning a new skill takes planning and hard work. Think of your progress as a construction process: Start by building a strong foundation and work from the ground up.

Mastering the basic skills and building a strong foundation is crucial to correcting yourself later on when you are practicing on your own time.

Find your time

Time is crucial in acquiring a new skill. Not only do you need time to practice but you also need enough time to make your practice much more enjoyable as an experience.

You will not be able to do this if you are constantly overwhelmed by other things. Find the time that is best for you where you can concentrate the most. Do not be too rigid with your schedule.

We are all busy with work, family, and friends. Our lives on social media often take what little time we have left. Set a schedule that you can follow, but be flexible.

At the New School of Music, we can help you conquer these challenges that you may find in your way, giving you the chance to make that decision to finally play the music you have so long wanted.

We have a team of masters who can teach the instrument that you want to play, and give you the best methods available. With their expertise and motivation in helping you learn the music you want, you can achieve the music goals of your dreams.

At New School of Music, you are in control of your time and the method of learning that is most efficient for you. You can schedule your guitar lessons online or face-to-face in our Austin studio to be able to find the best learning schedule for you.

 Performance is a major part of any musical experience, and that too can be found in the New School of Music. Becoming part of our institution gives you the chance to play in a performance group like the Texas Jazz and Blues Camp, where we can give you that much-needed opportunity to learn more and showcase your new talents.

Best of all, you can perform music with like-minded artists and have a chance to play with your master teachers in a performance organized by the New School of Music. This is all part of your learning.

With the world shifting into a new normal, consider this a chance to learn something new and become the musical talent you have always wanted to be.