How We Experience Music

How We Experience Music 1
Music Lessons in Austin

Have you ever had a feeling so big you couldn’t express it in words?

Have you ever wished you could just bang on a drum set as hard as you can?

Have you ever felt sad, and wished that you could sit down at a piano and play a simple melody? 

You are not the only one. How we wish that there was a way to just get rid of these conflicting emotions and have a moment to find our serenity.

Music seems to be interwoven into the very fabric of how we experience life — and how we cope with it.

Can you remember the song you listened when you first saw your childhood crush? Or the song you danced to on your first prom? Or that song you listened to on your first heartbreak while you sobbed and cried on your best friend’s shoulder?

Somehow you survived. Each of us have had that experience of mentally recording our very own soundtrack. We have a specific song for every significant event that we encounter and share with other people. We have a song we love to listen to when we want to relax, slow down time, and just be in the moment.

We have a song for when we would like to get up and dance and let loose with friends. We have a song for when we are mad or angry or frustrated with the world around us. We have a playlist of songs for every particular emotion that we have ever felt. This is because music evokes the emotional side of our humanity. It drives us to feel and experience our surroundings and help us interact in the most profound way.

We listen to music for the pleasure of listening. It is with music that we often feel the most happy. It can transport us to a time when a certain event made us smile or give us that feeling that all is right in the world.

Music is also the unexpected. Music becomes unexpected when we experience a certain “surprise”.  It could be a music of collaboration perhaps by two different artists from different genres but are able to meld their styles into an entirely different pleasurable experience. The experience becomes new, and something we did not expect.

Listening to music is a refined emotional experience, as music provides us the opportunity  to tap into very specific feelings. Music can help us hone our minds into a focused state. How many of us have felt more comfortable doing things that require cognitive focus by listening to the music we like, no matter the genre?

Music keeps our mind in a specific state. It enhances our focus on things that we feel deserve the most of our attention. Genre is of no consequence. It is a personal choice that puts us in a mindset where we are most comfortable. This way we can experience the music we want and still be able to focus on the things that we want to accomplish.

Listening to music tickles the memory.  This is perhaps the most common experience that all of us share. Certain music makes us feel nostalgic. It reminds us of specific memories, good or bad. Our memories can be triggered by the songs we hear on the radio. Sometimes we specifically listen to a song because we want to recall certain memories and relive them in our own way. It’s at this time that we know we have experienced music in a profound way.

Music is contagious. It is something that we can all identify with and experience as a group. Music is often a shared experience. It can be experienced not just at a personal level, but also as a connective element between people. Across cultures, music can even be a bridging experience, allowing us to transcend cultural differences — even language.

Here at the New School of Music, we are all about making your musical experience the most enjoyable and productive. Here, you can train with the masters of the field of music of the musical instrument of your choice and most of all at your own pace.

At NSM, we believe that as you progress, you can look back and say that you are glad to have pursued this now, rather than wait for a perfect time that will never come.

To us, your experience here will be something you will relive and recall for a lifetime. Our music camp and performances will give you many memories you will want to share with friends and family for many years to come.

Come make music with us!