Thinking of Starting Music Lessons in Austin?

Thinking of Starting Music Lessons in Austin? 1
Music Lessons in Austin

In this digital age where everything is either augmented or driven by technology, there is a yearning for man’s creativity to once again be in the limelight, to let one’s imagination roam free to create and illustrate skill, and best of all to enjoy that which we have created. Music has been our way of projecting into the world our thoughts, feelings, even our very dreams and aspirations. For some, making music even comes naturally, to others; it comes after a series of learning and understanding the complexities of making music.

We all love music, the idea of making our very own masterpiece is something we all have entertained in our lifetime. However, something has always held us back and that is fear, fear that we might not have the skill or the time to make our own music. People who are considered musically inclined have a natural tendency to gravitate towards music and this is a natural process for them, for most of us, hard work is required for us to even reach a level that we can call a decent skill in music.

Then there is the factor of time, just how much time do we need to learn something new? Is it too late to even learn something new? The answer is it’s not about how much time you spend to practice or learn something; it is how you practice and how you learn.  A person can practice thousands of hours in practicing a certain skill over and over and still not be able to achieve their goal. Learning something requires more than just time, it requires an intelligent approach like finding out the right time to practice to be able to fully immerse yourself in the moment of your rehearsal to be fully committed to the goal in mind and most of all not to give up just because you didn’t learn right away.

It is not about how many hours you put into practice it is about how well you practice. Learning does not stop just because you have reached a certain age. Studies show that adults can learn new skills.  Given the time and dedication to learn something new, anyone can learn something new at any given stage in life. The key here is not to give up.  Sure, at first you might find it difficult to learn, and sometimes even frustrating that you don’t get it the first time.  But if you quit just because you are just not learning fast enough according to your concept of just how fast you should learn, then you will never learn anything new.

Learning is a process; therefore it requires steps that you need to take to progress — and progress can sometimes be difficult, even painful, but the best thing about it is you know exactly where you’re going and that is forward. You just have to keep moving forward and continue to inch your way towards your goal. It is never too late to learn something new — some people learn how to paint at age 50 or older.  What do you think is stopping you from learning music now?  Only fear, and it’s about time you learn to cast that fear aside and aspire for something you have always loved doing and that is learning how to make music.

We can then safely say that what hinders us from learning something new in our life, no matter what it is, is not because we are not mentally capable of learning that skill — rather, it is the fear that prevents us from learning.  Our stumbling block in learning is not the mental aspect of learning, it is the emotional factor. We are so afraid of not being able to get that emotional fulfillment of learning right away, that we have already given up before we even started.  The truth is nobody gets it right the first time, you will need hours and hours of practice for you to acquire a level that you can say you have learned something new — but it is not out of your reach.

Ten thousand (10,000) hours is what you may have read from books or online for you to be able to say that you have acquired a new skill. However, this is a tricky and very intimidating subject — it might mean that the ten thousand hours of practice might already get you to an excellent if not an expert level. Think about the number of hours you might spend from the start of your learning process towards getting to that ten thousand hours of practice.  In between that time, you will have learned the skill already, and learning is what is important.  Being able to learn to use the skill enough for you to be able to correct yourself and be able to move from the first to the second level is what makes the difference. The first few hours might be challenging – it will test your patience and even drive you to the point of just dropping the idea and give up.  But if you do, then learning stops — you will never be able to achieve your goal of making music that you truly love.

This is where we can help you — the New School of Music is a nonprofit community music school in Austin where you can receive the finest music lessons in Austin from some of the  best music instructors available anywhere. Our teachers are of the highest caliber, with expert credentials to teach music at all levels and to all ages. If you are looking for the best instructors to teach you Guitar, Drums, Violin, Piano, Saxophone, and other instruments look no further because what you seek is here with us. New School of Music can provide you with the opportunities to be able to practice intelligently and learn from the best instruction, to help you learn at your own pace and be satisfied with the results of your own learning, as you move along under the tutelage of exceptional instructors.

Being part of the New School of Music helps you connect with a community of performers and learners like yourself, creating an atmosphere of collaborative learning and having fun while doing it. As you progress in your musical prowess, we can also provide free music recitals for you, and a chance to perform with your fellow music students and expert instructors.  This gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents in front of an audience, and to be recognized  for the hours you put into learning your new skill.  Being part of New School of Music also gives you the chance to be part of the Texas Jazz and Blues Camp, which is an all-embracing program aimed at musical and personal growth, where students can learn by listening & playing the music of the greats from our staff and each other, thus, learning through collaboration with fellow learners and instructors.

We are technologically driven as well; we offer virtual online music lessons in Austin in order to reach you no matter where you are. This way you can learn from the convenience of your home, where you can most concentrate on the learning process and be free from the distractions that hinder you from reaching your goals. Time is also flexible in virtual lessons; here you can learn at your own pace and at the most convenient time for you to learn a new skill. 

And if you think you simply cannot devote enough time and resources to start music lessons now, you will be happy to know that we offer month-to-month lessons with no contracts.  Lessons are available in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute blocks to fit your preference and budget – and you can start anytime.  New School of Music covers almost all of your concerns — this way, all you need to do is devote yourself to creating the music you have always wanted.


 Roni Chavez, NSM Operations Manager